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Travel book for children with a title A Prince in Search for his Favourite Fruit, Stories from Slovenia, is coloured-book for children over three years, who enjoy listening and want to be creative at the same time. It is also a book for parents who want to encourage their children to think, discover the world and encourage their imagination.The fairytale for preschool children, written by an author Monika Kubelj, also symbolically connects Slovenians with their homeland. The story takes place in Spruccia, an imagination land overgrown with spruces. Since Slovenia is also overgrown with spruces, we can imagine that the story is really happening here.

Children like different stories

The story is written in English and it talks about a prince, who wishes to help his villagers. So he goes on a journey to find his favorite fruit. On his journey, he meets different people and new exotic fruit. He tested many fruit, but for each he has to give something in return. The journey shows him many different sides of our world, with many different cultures. When he has no hope left, he returns home and when he is almost at the castle walls, he finds a valley filled with apple trees. The farmer living there happily gives him an apple and surprisingly expects nothing in return. The prince returns home excited and realizes that he didn’t have to travel across the world to find his favorite fruit, it was right around the corner. But would he find his dream otherwise?

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A Prince in Search for His Favourite Fruit

“The story shows us how very colorful our world is and that the solution sometimes waits right around the corner. Slovenians that were looking for an opportunity abroad still think about their roots from time to time.”

You find this travel book for kids on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Prince-Search-his-Favourite-Fruit/dp/1546351787

The story is a combination of a fairytale and a coloring book, so every child can leave a mark on this book and it becomes unique. It is published on internet shop site Amazon (American, German and English version), so it is accessible to everyone. This could be a travel book with special note.

Monika Kubelj has been a journalist for a long time and now even a blogger. You can find her articles on Google.

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Monika Kubelj loves to travel, so travel book for children was her longing wish.

Who noticed her book?









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Listen to the story…

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…and colour it.

O avtorju

Monika Kubelj

Novinarka, večna optimistka, iskalka boljšega jutri in kakovostnega življenja.



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